The rule of the thumb for injustice!

The Kuwaiti government claims that Bedoon are not stateless, these people have citizenships from other countries, and they are hiding them, because they want to benefit from the Kuwaiti citizenship, even though most of them actually resides in the country even before its declaration of independence back in the year 1961.

However, according to the government, these people are not stateless, but they don’t have a legal status as expatriates in the country either, so the government decided to call them ‘illegal residents’! thus, the conventions that Kuwait signed regarding the rights of stateless people does not apply to these people!

(Note that the minister of interiors admitted recently that there are approximately 40,000 of them, that the specially designated government committee failed to ‘assign’ citizenships to them, making us wonder why don’t they give at least those guys citizenship?)

In order to emphasize its vision for these people as illegal residents, the government recently added the word “Temporary”, to driver’s license of Bedoons (for those of them who are lucky enough to have one to begin with), implying that they don’t have the right to have driver’s license, but the government is being kind to them, and allowing them to drive cars, even though they live illegally in the country!

Similarly, the US government, says that Gitmo detainees are not prisoner of the war, they are ‘enemy combatant’ in order to justify why the Geneva convention does not apply to them!

There is another similarity, although Kuwaiti government claims that Bedoon carry citizenships of other countries, they still cannot send them to courts because they know they cannot prove it in front of a judge. The US government is doing the same, it refuses to give Gitmo detainees a fair trial, because they also know they can't prove their accusations against these people.

We can detect a pattern here, if there is a rule that you disparately want to violate, you just need to change the definition of one word, or redefine one entity, and then claim that the rule does not apply to this particular case.

A question arises though: if the US is getting away with that because it’s a super power, why Kuwait is getting away with that?!

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