Climate of carelessness!

There appears to be an element of truth in the joke which says that weather is playing truant with the western hemisphere for failing to reach a resolution on the global warming issue at the Copenhagen climate summit. The snow storms that have paralyzed parts of Europe, especially England in the last few days, is a good example of how costly it could be to continue ignoring the climate change.

How many more storms do we need to face in order to understand the magnitude of the threat? I simply cannot understand the reasons behind such apathy! I mean, we are talking about scientific facts here. The climate is changing. The change is affecting the lives of people all over the world. Most importantly, the oil resources are fast depleting and its prices are climbing up every year. We will eventually start using renewable energy. So what causes this carelessness? How it can be explained?

First, we could assume that world powers like USA, Russia and China have been struggling for so long to lay hands on oil producing countries, to give up so easily. All of these powers know for sure, that while any of them will be busy trying to rebuild its infrastructure to adapt to a new renewable energy, others would be already economically dominating its sphere of influence, and it will be too late to regain it, and eventually the dominators will get the new energy as a bonus.

The situation is like two men who fight with knives; one clenches tightly onto the other man's wrist, and no one wants to reach for the gun on the ground because they both know by the time anyone could have it, he will be already succumbed to stab wounds.

Europe, of course, is no angel. Although it wants to find an alternative means of energy to end Russia's influence over its economy, it's not willing to pay the price alone. So, this would be the first possible explanation.

The second could be that the theory suggested above is a product of my imagination, no such power struggle exists whatsoever. In this case, the reason why no concrete action is being taken to tackle climate change is because the 'elite' leaders (who control the oil industry and hence the international economy) believe that the world is an overcrowded place. They know that global warming will wipe out a large portion of humanity, either by drowning or starvation. They assume that the remaining resources available will be enough to sustain their lives. They simply don't care, as long as they are cash-rich.

Think about it. No matter how expensive bread becomes, 'they' will always be able to buy it. It's the poor people who will starve to death. We already have one billion hungry people in the world, and no one seems to care. The process has already been set in motion.

Thirdly, all of the above could be complete nonsense, and I would be totally hallucinating, and the only reason why no action is being taken is simply because everyone feels comfortable with the way things are in place right now. Nations are not exerting enough pressure on their leaders to take any steps in this regard.

Finally, it could also be all of the above!

Either way, I think humanity should take climate change more seriously. We in the Gulf region for instance, should prepare ourselves for the post- oil era. If we wait until oil is replaced by another source of energy, we will be lagging far behind. We need to start channelizing solar and wind power and prepare infrastructure in such a manner that it can be exported to the rest of the world. This is a much better proposition than spending billions on brag-worthy skyscrapers.

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