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The truth!

A number of issues caught my attention this week. The fact that a WHO official finally admitted exaggerating the risk of H1N1 virus was one of them. This article, however, is not about that issue in particular, neither it is about the 'funny' way with which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to the latest […]

A shameful bill!

Just when everyone in Kuwait has begun believing that the government is being victimized in the power struggle with the National Assembly, the proposed amendments to the Press and Publication Law have ruined the picture. The government appears to be one of those sad characters from movies who are incapable of having friends. Think Jim […]

Kindergarten democracy

I've said before that democracy is a powerful tool, pretty much like the car; you are free to use it to go wherever you want, but before being allowed to drive it, you need to get a driver's license first. When I think about a number of policies adopted recently by the National Assembly, I […]

The rule of the thumb for injustice!

The Kuwaiti government claims that Bedoon are not stateless, these people have citizenships from other countries, and they are hiding them, because they want to benefit from the Kuwaiti citizenship, even though most of them actually resides in the country even before its declaration of independence back in the year 1961. However, according to the government, these […]

Bedoons in predicament

Kuwaiti Parliament While discussion on the bedoon’s civil rights draft law in the National Assembly was postponed yesterday due to lack of quorum (for the second time in a row) nearly 100,000 bedoons (stateless persons) continue to fight a ‘paper war’ in a bid to reflect their physical existence on legal dossiers. Some bedoons think […]

Climate of carelessness!

There appears to be an element of truth in the joke which says that weather is playing truant with the western hemisphere for failing to reach a resolution on the global warming issue at the Copenhagen climate summit. The snow storms that have paralyzed parts of Europe, especially England in the last few days, is […]

The wall on Gaza

When I was an elementary school student, my teachers used to talk to us about Arab unity. They would talk to us about our brothers under occupation in Palestine. I grew up believing that we, the Arabs, truly wanted to liberate Palestine. In my wildest dreams I would never have imagined growing up in a […]