Tony the unbelievable!

A number of warning lights started blinking in my head after listening to Tony Blair, the former British prime minister, in a TV interview last week when he said that he would have invaded Iraq anyway, even if the WMD hadn't been the excuse. Blair stated that he would have brought in another argument to justify to the people of UK that they needed to do what he believed was the right thing to do!

The statement generated angry reactions, both in the UK and worldwide, because it is indeed frightening to see a former elected leader in the 'free world' admitting that he lied to his people. However, I just want to say here that I'm not surprised at all; in fact I'm pleased that the articulate ex-PM made this slip, so we can now talk about this thing without being accused of raising conspiracy theories.

Despite how annoying and even painful the fact that a country was invaded and thousands of people were killed, there is a funny side to the former PM's new 'argument,' which is that he was talking about the election that would take place in Iraq as if this was sufficient justification for the invasion of that country. I don't think that election is something that the ex-PM can brag about, especially since he himself was a product of an election.

Either way, I believe this is a very important example of the ways in which democracy can be abused. I think this incident needs to be studied thoroughly, in order for the loopholes that were used in the democratic system to be closed. People in the UK should learn from this mistake, and people in the world should learn from the UK's mistake.

There is good news for Brits though, which is the fact that Blair is an 'ex'-PM, meaning that no matter how long his nose is, he is of no significant influence on life there anymore. Unfortunately, we in Kuwait don't have such privilege.
Tony Blair Associates" is a counseling company headed by the former PM, which has signed a deal with the Kuwaiti government to provide advice on matters of "good governance"! The company prepares the so called 'Vision Kuwait 2030,' this country's strategic plan for the next 20 years.

Now I'm sure I'm not the only person in Kuwait who is hoping that our government's definition of "good governance" is not the same as Tony Blair's. I mean, even if we're going to believe the man and assume that he did indeed have good intentions towards his nation, which we cannot guarantee in our situation at all, we still cannot be sure that Blair will not do the same thing with us, which is to "deploy different arguments" to make us do what he 'thinks' is the right thing for us to do!

I think we don't need to hire a counseling company to tell us that we don't need the services of Mr. Blair anymore. In fact, in Kuwait we have an overdose of opinions about where we need to go, some of which come from people who are, in my own opinion, more qualified and, beyond a doubt, far more honest and loyal to Kuwait than Mr. Blair. What Kuwaitis really need to do is to find these people, listen to them, and then actually DO what needs to be done, because talking, even if it involves speaking the truth, will not build anything – let alone lying.

As for Brits, I think they should also be concerned about this deal between the Kuwaiti government and Tony Blair Associates, since the man who took their sons to war is now being paid by the country that benefited the most from the elimination of Saddam's regime.

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