A matter of sovereignty!


I’m sure many of you heard about the decision of the legislative committee in the National Assembly concerning the ‘Bedoon’ issue, but if anyone missed the big news, here it is: “The committee voted unanimously “against” giving the Kuwaiti citizenship for the sons of stateless martyrs, who died ‘in operations’ of Kuwaiti army, whether it the participation of Kuwait in the Arab-Israeli wars in the 60’s and 70’s of the last century, or in the war to liberate Kuwait from the Iraqi occupation in 1991.”

Now the decision itself is not funny, the funny thing in fact is the justification of the decision, and that reads as the following “because the issue of citizenship is a matter of sovereignty”!

Now I’m not an optimist. I think that even if they would vote the other way, to give the martyrs a citizenship, it wouldn’t mean they will get it, since there’ve been so many laws concerning the Bedoons that wasn’t implemented, but the thing of the matter is the way our respected legislators think.

I mean what sovereignty are we talking about here? Didn’t these people actually “die” for Kuwaiti sovereignty? Or they were dying for the salary they were receiving? What message are we delivering to the world about us with this decision? What message are we delivering to all the stateless people currently working in Kuwaiti armed forces and police? Are we telling them “if there will be war against Kuwait don’t sacrifice your life to defend the country, because if you will die we will not take care of your kids, and they will have to manage by their own” or what?

But again, if we can’t understand what the members of the committee were thinking, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they were wrong; I mean maybe the respected MPs went through all the possible threats to Kuwaiti sovereignty before making this unanimous decision, because at the end of the day, how often do we see MPs united like this about anything?

  For instance, if the law will be passed, then any stateless man can go to any battle for Kuwait and kill himself easily, and then we will have to bear with all of the burdens of giving his orphan sons a Kuwaiti citizenship! In that case everyone will be rushing to fight for Kuwait and die for it. I mean who wants that miss?

Another possible threat to Kuwaiti sovereignty is that enemies can use this “gap” in Kuwaiti law to send their spies, along with their families to Kuwait, and these spies will wait until Kuwait is occupied, or taking part in a war against that, or other enemy, and then these people will go to the war, kill themselves, in order for their kids to get the Kuwaiti citizenship and then threaten the sovereignty of the country!!

After being hit with the hilariousness of the big news, I felt sorry about it. I’m sorry that those who represent Kuwaiti people think like this. I think the committee members must be ashamed of their decision. Because if you will think about it, they wouldn’t be sitting in their green chairs in the parliament if it wasn’t for the sacrifices of these people in the first place.

Disclaimer – A note for non-Muslims: Islam was the first religion in history to concentrate on giving charity, care, support and attention to orphans. I just wanted this to be clear, because sometime people tend to make the mistake of judging Islam by the actions of some Muslims.

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