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‘As you are, you are ruled’

With the beginning of a new parliamentary term, fresh debates have arisen about new subjects, but the theme remains the same. It is almost always about 'grilling' that minister for deteriorating services during his tenure. MPs, on the other hand, are subject to accusations that they targeting ministers for personal reasons. Based on that, some […]

How about amnesty?

We've all heard about the scary number of expats living illegally in Kuwait; according to some estimates, up to half a million expats are registered with 'paper' companies here. The problem, of course, is huge, and the efforts the government is making to tackle the issue are appreciated, because having half a million unemployed and […]

A matter of sovereignty!

Graveyard   I’m sure many of you heard about the decision of the legislative committee in the National Assembly concerning the ‘Bedoon’ issue, but if anyone missed the big news, here it is: “The committee voted unanimously “against” giving the Kuwaiti citizenship for the sons of stateless martyrs, who died ‘in operations’ of Kuwaiti army, […]