France – take it easy!

What’s with all the hostility against Muslims in Europe and precisely in France? In France, the so called “Burqini” is banned! The head-to-toe clothes Muslim women wear when they want to swim without exposing parts of their body, and again, an excuse is present – France’s pool hygiene standards! Even though it’s made of the same material Bikini is made of! Just like the lame justification of “banning the religious symbols” in schools, where the Hijab was conveniently classified as religious “symbol” rather than a religious necessity to cover hair.

Another example was bragging with “the freedom of speech” after insulting the prophet, I know it wasn’t in France, but the French media enthusiastically jumped to justify the insult, not to mention tainting Muslim cemetery.

Clearly European nations are frightened by the fact that Muslim population is growing rapidly compared to the slow growth of European none-Muslim people. A recent research estimated that Muslims of Europe will form 20% of population by 2050. Europe is panicking I assume, they don’t want to be slowly replaced by Muslim culture, they want the Muslims to melt in the European culture, to adopt the European lifestyle, and they don’t know how to do this!

Even if we will agree with their intentions, this is obviously the wrong way to go.

The attitude of France against Islamic practices reminds of the attitude of dictatorial third world regimes against democracy, against Islamic practices in some cases, or against anything the regime doesn’t approve – to ban. You would think Europe with all its history and with its knowledge will know better, you would think they will invent a better way to “fight” that. You would think they will have more creative measures to slyly seduce Muslims out of their religion, but amazingly they don’t, they just ban, like the last bureaucrat in the third world, naively generating a wave of resistance, and consequently, driving people into more persistence, to firmly grab into these practices, because ultimately, what’s banned is desired.

Take an example in Turkey, or in Tunes, for decades these countries fought against Hijab and other Islamic practices, many countries throughout the history followed this pattern, but they achieved nothing, neither will France if they presume the banning strategy.

I mean what are you afraid of? Losing your democracy? Changing your culture? What culture doesn’t change, evolve and develop? If you will keep fighting against the well of your own citizens, then you don’t have a democracy to begin with to be afraid to lose.

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