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Kuwait’s online market flourishing

Twenty years ago, it was inconceivable that one could make money without owning a shop or a company selling products. The Internet revolution, however, has transformed this state of affairs and introduced a new flavor to retail. The Internet is becoming more prevalent and connection costs are falling, while broadband speeds are accelerating and computers […]

MGRP – The Kuwaitization Engine

Aug. 16–KUWAIT — The Manpower and Government Restructuring Program (MGRP) is a government organization that aims to increase the quantity of Kuwaitis working in the private sector in addition to raising the quality of Kuwaiti manpower in general. MGRP is associated with the crisis of Kuwaitis laid-off from the private sector because it is the […]

France – take it easy!

Burqini What’s with all the hostility against Muslims in Europe and precisely in France? In France, the so called “Burqini” is banned! The head-to-toe clothes Muslim women wear when they want to swim without exposing parts of their body, and again, an excuse is present – France’s pool hygiene standards! Even though it’s made of […]