Wa Aleikum Alsalam..

President Obama began his speech in Egypt today with the Islamic greeting “Assalamu Aleikum”, that’s the short version of “Assalamu Aleikum wa Rahmatu Allah Wa Barakatuh” it means ” peace, mercy, and blesses of Allah upon You”.
While I was listening to Obama’s wonderfull speech I wanted to believe that he was speaking on behalf of at least the majority of American people, but I found myself thinking that he will be grilled for what he said when he’ll be back in Washington.
I think the reaction of the American people on his speech will be far more important to acheive the peace that we all seek here, than the reaction among Muslims, because it will tell us just how reasonable to believe that this kind of a shift in America’s behavior with the Muslim world is likely to happen.
I prefer to hope though, that Obama’s outreach to the Muslim world will not ruin his popularity in America, and that American people will look objectively on what he said, without any prejudges, because really, if you will think about it, there’s no need for us to be fighting, there’s nothing to fight for, it’s the extremists on both sides that want us to fight with each other, and as soon as we fight our extremests (like Osama Bin Laden), and American’s keep their extremests (like George W. Bush, and Dick Cheney) out of the white house, the rest of us don’t have problems with each other.
I think that someone like Obama deserves to be believed, and that doesn’t only emplies on us, it also emplies on the US, we’ve tried to be against each other, and that lead us to nowhere, let’s try to be partners, let’s have a new beginning, let’s open a new page, and write only honorable history in it, let’s hope for a better future, because even if it will never actually come, I think it’s just worth it to live some time peacefully hoping for a lasting peace.
So.. “Wa Aleikum Alsalam” means “and peace upon you” Mr. Prisedent.
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