Israel Exercising what?

The Israeli military exercise is getting a lot of media coverage, a lot of countries are worried that this is only a preparation for another offensive by Israel on Gaza, Lebanon, Syria or even Iran, but most of the analysts think that Israel know better than attacking any other country, they know what they can, and they know what they can’t, and starting a war now, and wining it, is almost impossible for them, but that doesn’t mean that Israel is not up to something, especially with the radical government in power right now.

The exercise is a practice of citizen, civil forces and military to “defend” Israel against any “attack” from its neighbors, which is also unlikely to happen anytime soon, with the current state of affairs, but, and that’s a very important but, what if this exercise is being conducted to practice the ability to defend AFTER they will do what I suspect they are planning to do?! I mean, attacking the Aqsa mosque, or completely evacuating Jerusalem of all Arabs, Muslims and Christians by the way! I mean just think about it, a government who’s trying to push a law that will force citizens to swear loyalty to the “Jewish state of Israel”, or otherwise they will suspend their citizenship and deport them out of Israel! A government that thinks like this is capable of doing anything as stupid as destroying the holy mosque, or completely taking over the holy city.

Maybe they will not attack another country, but they are certainly up to something that can drive all surrounding countries mad enough to want to attack Israel altogether, and that’s why they are getting ready to stand against this attack! I think this must be taken in consideration.

The most sad thing about this is that Israel is not announcing that the countries they are preparing to stand an offensive from does not include Egypt! I don’t know why, but I believe them this time, Egypt leadership is becoming even more Zionist than Lieberman himself.

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