The VETO of Gaza!

Everyone knows what the VETO is, it’s a privilege given to certain nations, that allows them to stop any international decision even if all other nations in world want this to happen very badly.

USA is known to be the most frequent user for this right, and mostly it’s against decisions to stop Israel from killing civilians in all neighboring nations, this time is not an exception.

Here’s how it works: Israel attacks whoever they want, and demand whatever they want, whether they have the right or not, and they never have the right by the way, since they don’t have the right to occupy Palestine in the first place. after the attacks Arab nations demand their leaders to act to stop this aggression, they get together (in best cases) and decide to go to the UN to come out with a resolution to stop the aggression, America threatens with using VETO against any resolution that will not put obligations on both parties, in other word, they legalize the claims of Israel, and obligate Arabs to number of things on their side, after that aggression stops, and Arabs are asked to fulfill their responsibilities or they will be punished, and Israel cannot be forced to do anything because they have a good VETOer in the UN, that will protect them from being forced to do what they agreed to do before.

This is basically how new realities are drown in the Middle East every time Israel desires to.

Although there’s a new kind of VETO, that of Gaza, if these people say “NO” , no force in the world can change that, they have the privilege of real practical VITO, they said no to occupation, no to killing, no to Israel, and since then Israel tried everything they can do, to change this word to “yes” but NO!!

The attacks on Gaza strip show how pathetic and disparate Israeli government is, they can’t do anything to change this reality, to put people in Gaza on their knees, but they can’t, because Gaza is Vetoing against that, and there’s no theoretical VETO of any country that can change that real life VETO of Gaza.

We don’t need the UN, we don’t need the pathetic attempts of Arab leaders in the security council, and we don’t care about American VETO or Israeli forces or technology, because Gaza said “NO”.

P.S. a piece of advice for Israel: give up, you will never win.

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